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A discreet place in the small village of Mutěnice in South Moravia, yet full of experiences and impressions. That's the amazing place called VONI, the name being a combination fo the friendly and always smiling owners, Vojta and Nikča. Their goal is to provide a relaxing stay with plenty of good food and drinks made of quality ingredients, grown at their small organic farm.
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This adventure accommodation offers everything you can think of, making your stay pleasant and unique: from the soft Lejaan towels through all the essential toiletries to an umbrella, a hairdryer or a BOSE speaker. The accommodation is also equipped with modern technologies and above-standard services.
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Winner of the 2023 Apartments
Wine Cellar
Homemade Breakfast
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Eco products
Wine tasting
6x 50 m2 6x

Embark on an experience you won't want to part with.

From 3,900 Kč

1 nights


Preview photo for a room. The image is connected to the amazing place. Preview photo for a room. The image is connected to the amazing place.

Our tips

What to do in the afternoon

Take a trip to Čejkovice where you can visit the popular Sonnentor to buy some tea and spices or see the production spaces.

Dogs welcome

They are happy to welcome your furry friends. Just remember to wipe their feet before entering your room.

Equipped kitchen

Use the induction stove top to cook. The kitchen has a refrigerator, a freezer, an electric kettle, a coffee maker, a dishwasher, an oven and a microwave oven, a toaster and a waffle maker, a hand-held mixer, all the dishes and utensils, and a full stock of selected or seasonal food.

After the trip

And what about the evening? Grill something good to eat and enjoy your evening with a bottle of some of our excellent wine. VONI produces natural organic wine that you will definitely like.


Thanks to the tablet and speaker, you can play your favourite music or find any information about the local area you might need. Or grab a book from our small library.

Explore Mutěnice

The wine-making tradition passes from fathers to sons here. Almost everyone owns a vineyard and a wine cellar. You will find a special place in Mutěnice: the district of 'Búdy' with almost five hundred wine cellars. Each cellar is unique, adorned with Moravian-Slovakian ornaments.

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69611 Mutěnice
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