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Focus on yourself and take a break from the outside world in this cozy, picture-perfect little house that sits among the vineyards. Vila Mia and its garden are embraced by a castle wall on one side and endless vineyards on the other side. To complete the perfection, sample the local liquid joys by the fireside.
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Are you looking for a place to relax, a place where you can enjoy intense attention and love? This is it. Vila Mia aims to provide you with total privacy in the middle of the beautiful South Moravian countryside. Let the panorama of the adjoining vineyards that stretch to the horizon mesmerize you as you sip on the best local wine with your beloved right next to you.
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Blooming Garden
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A small, cosy house with a garden surrounded on one side by a castle wall and on the other side by views of the ubiquitous vineyards. Heaven on earth. Tuscany in Moravia. Welcome to us.

From 4,500 Kč

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Our tips

For dog owners

Your four-legged friends are welcome here, so bring them along for once. We promise they'll like here almost as much as you.

Relax in the garden

Instead of the traditional wellness, let the calm of the lovely garden and the comfy deckchairs be your relaxation of choice. Add a glass of the best Moravian wine and we promise you'll feel your worries melt away.

In the words of the owner herself

"I remember when one warm summer night, after 4 hours on the highway, I parked among the vineyards. I got out of the car and my husband was standing behind the fence. Smiling, emotional and full of expectations. From that moment on, every time I'm here, when I'm sitting on the vila's doorstep, I feel like I'm in paradise."

Endless romance

To spend your free time alone, just the two of you, with a spellbinding view over the rolling vineyards will be pure magic.


Peruse the library and then take your chosen book to the hammock, where you can float in the breeze and disappear into an enthralling story. We bet this will be one of your favorite spots here.

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Růžová 1
691 42 Valtice
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