Včelíny Želiv

Včelíny Želiv have two trailers on a meadow on the edge of the forest (each on the opposite side) and soon they will open their third place to crash, which will most likely be tents. Let the owners surprise us. Have a peak at the trailers but hurry, they are booked months in advance. 

Price from1750 CZK Building /night

How does it work there

Včelíny Želiv are two maintained trailers providing its guests with all the comforts hotel has. They are near a town but far enough for peace and quiet. They have electricity from solar panels so you can use lamps not just head lamps (even though head lamps are a great addition for your backpack for the weekend). The water supply is slightly limited but there is enough warm water for you to shower. One trailer has indoor one, the other outside. 

Where will you sleep

The Černý trailer sleeps only two people. Even though you will not get breakfast in bed and luxury wellness, the romantic vibe makes up for it all. The bed is very high and super comfy. The Zelený trailer sleeps four people, two in a king size and two on a bunk bed, which is more suitable for kids and overnight adventure. 

What can you do there

This place is an amazing experience. So, what can you do here? Just relax in the trailers, read a book (there are plenty of them here) and most of all, turn off the cell phone and listen to the sounds of nature. If you decide to leave this paradise, take a short walk to the beautiful and picturesque village Želiv, where you can get groceries, have a nice meal and a must is visiting the old Santini monastery with brewery next door. When the weather is nice, there is swimming in nearby river Želivka or rent bikes and explore the area. And evening? Start a fire and roast sausages you can by in the nearby village. 

What else you should know

  • You will not find Wi-Fi here, rather enjoy the switched off phone 
  • Your doggies will love it here but since there is no fence, you will have to watch them 
  • There are all amenities on location 
  • In case it rains all day, slip on the rain boots and head outside 
  • Outside of books there are also board games 

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