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You can love your active and busy lifestyle, but sometimes you need to get away from it for a little while - and find peace, quiet and privacy. Whether you need a new muse for your artwork or new energy to concentrate on a big project, this is the place to reconnect and recharge.
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Retreat U lípy Blatiny is located in the heart of the pristine nature of the Žďárské vrchy in the Vysočina highlands. Great for spending some quality time with yourself and your work, but also great for enjoying free time with friends. The architects transformed the originally dilapidated house into a beautiful homestead with a minimalist style. The clean design is in keeping with the local environment, which provides a sense of overall harmony.
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Our tips

When you want to escape

This place is not just for those seeking solitude. It's also for those who want to spend quality time with their partners, away from the madness of taking care of the family and home. Retreat and hide away in a place that no one knows about, surrounded by the pure energy of nature, totally undisturbed, but still in the luxury you deserve.

Winter magic

The winter landscape with deep forests and open plains offers ideal terrain for passionate cross-country skiers. Or anyone who wants to stay curled up inside with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the peaceful view of the beautiful snow-blanketed world.

Secret tip

Order breakfast in bed and then you don't have to do anything all day - just enjoy the privacy and peace that you came here for.

What to do in the area?

During the day, take walks around the area, ride an e-bike, hop on a horse or practice your aim at the beautiful golf course Svratka, the oldest in the Czech Republic.

Deserved rest

Wrap up every day here in the pleasant atmosphere of the living area with a large kitchen and fireplace. Listen to the crackling fire and enjoy a bottle of wine together. Or unwind in the outdoor sauna and cool off in the natural swimming pond.

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Blatiny 79
592 02 Sněžné
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