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Come listen to a story that started sometime at the end of the nineteenth century. At that time, a forester's lodge was built in the picturesque valley of River Střela and as many other Sudeten German homes, it was nationalised after WWII. But you might have already guessed that this story has a happy ending. Four years ago, the new owner came with the concept of a house by the river – a unique place for unique moments. And now it's up to you to come here and make memories with your loved ones.
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The three-storey building offers accommodation in seven stylish rooms with en-suite bathrooms. There's also a luxurious trailer in the garden with extra three beds, offering an exceptional connection to nature. Tauhaus is rented as a whole property for maximum privacy.
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19x 600 m2 19x

Enjoy the unique ambience of the house by the river in the wild and the beautiful atmosphere of the Horní Střela nature park. The ecological building is designed with emphasis on exceptional quality and demanding clientele that prefers maximum experience both indoors and outdoors.

From 23,850 Kč

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Our tips

A fairy-tale barn

The barn with the large floor can be used as a common room, a play area for kids, a space for yoga, a dance floor or a cinema.

A space for big and small days

Besides the traditional holiday stays, Tauhaus can also hosts any personal or corporate events. The Tauhaus team also organises programmes such as yoga stays, stays with babysitting, specialised workshops and so on.

A heaven for adults and kids alike

The area also includes a private access to the river, a grassy ground for ball sports, a slide, a sandbox, table tennis, hammocks, a slackline, a large fire pit, a teepee and other attractions and outdoor games.

Wilderness within reach

Tauhaus is surrounded by wilderness and strives to make it available whenever your mind and body desire to escape. Nature close to your heart and in between – a river, a house and a garden. Everything is prepared for you and your loved ones.

A garden full of treasures

The garden is available to the guests, including the fruit. Its concept meets the highest demands and it holds a special ecological certificate. The garden combines the effort to offer some space for leisure activities with practical use.

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Rabštejn nad Střelou 72
331 62 Manětín
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