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You wouldn’t believe what can be created in a former granary from the 17th century. From the outside, it may look as though it needs some plastering and paint, but the entire design is carefully thought out, down to the last detail. As soon as you enter the building, you’ll see that a keen aesthetic sense and taste for elegance were the guiding motors behind this unique accommodation, which you simply have to try for yourself. 
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The heart of the granary is a large common space drowned in natural light all day long, thanks the incredibly high ceilings that span two floors and give the space an airiness and opulence. The entire space is a product of Czech design - simple, celebrating natural materials and clean lines.
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Winner of the 2021 Design & Architecture
Winner of the 2023 Villas
Grill / Fire Pit
Nespresso in the Room
Blooming Garden
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Cycling Trail
8x 360 m2 8x

From 9,000 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

Like in a fairytale

The granary sits past nine forests, two rivers and three meadows - there, where the village of Zadní Arnoštov begins. It’s encased by a large garden, its grass calling out for your bare feet. Swing on the hammocks stretched between the apple trees, pick and eat red currants straight from the bush and listen to the buzzing bees, the chirping birds, the whispering forest trees.

Where to fill the fridge

You’ll find the closest amenities and stores in Jevíčko, just 5 km from the granary. Shop for groceries and drugstore necessities, or visit the local restaurant or café.


Nights are especially romantic at Sýpka Arnoštov. Pour yourself a glass of wine, conjure up a great meal and spend the night stargazing. Here, the stars shine brightest and time moves slowly, easily, just as you need it to.

Explore the area

Zadní Arnoštov and its surroundings are stitched through with biking paths and hiking trails. If you prefer to travel on horseback, visit the riding club “Osada Lípa,” where the kids can delight in a pony ride.

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Zadní Arnoštov 73
569 43 Jevíčko
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