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There are places that amaze you at first sight and where you like to return. And then there are places you will love so much that you'll never want to leave. And that's exactly ReBorn. A place where you admire the willpower of the owners to invest all their hearts into something. This is where a sense of design and the charm of a detail meet with the art to provide first-class service to the guests. All of that makes ReBorn one of the most beautiful places in the country.
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The area is open to guests from Monday to Thursday, with a capacity of 10 to 12 people, perfect for small corporate meetings or family parties. You can also come with your significant other but there's no haggling over the price, it's minimum amount is fixed.
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Winner of the 2022 Design & Architecture
Winner of the 2023 Upper Class
Grill / Fire Pit
Homemade Breakfast
Farm Products
16x 200 m2 16x

The Ambassador Wine Club is a unique combination of stylish accommodation, an organic farm and top-quality wine. It is situated near Tábor, about an hour away from Prague.

From 50,000 Kč

1 nights


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Gastronomic experience

ReBorn has a top chef who creates the best possible gastronomy from organic regional ingredients, perfectly pairing meals with the best wines. Your stay includes great breakfast and dinners.

Recycling architecture

The area is built with respect to the character of the place with long history and an ecological dimension. The outcome is a detailed interior and exterior design and their unique ambience. The project has been included in the Almanac of Czech Architects as one of the best buildings of the year.

Ambassador Wine Club

It's a small project that focuses on the few epicureans among us. It offers the best wine in the most perfect context to demanding clients. That's why the farm also has a large wine cellar with Italian and French wine.

Ecological farm

They breed cattle and sheep and even wild fish in twelve ponds. They grow fruit, vegetables and grains following the strictest rules of ecological farming and in the spirit of regional traditions.

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Rašovice 13
391 43 Rašovice
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