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The luxury four-star hotel of the Pytloun network will enchant you from start to finish; from the unusual, constructivist design, to the interesting art deco elements; from one room to the next room, each designed by a different architect or studio. So don't hesitate - some experience luxe accommodation and a gallery of contemporary Czech interior design, all in one.
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Not only does this newly renovated hotel provides world-class accommodation and dining, it also honors the First Republic tradition of treating guests with maximum forthcomingness and friendliness. The approach may respect the old, but the services make use of the new - modern technology enhances the guests' hotel experience, from booking and check-in, to the control of room features using smart apps.
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Homemade Breakfast
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Excellent Food
Baby friendly
Luxurious Wellness
Conference Room

Our tips

Ideal location

The hotel is located within walking distance of the historic center of Liberec and the Liberec Zoo is also nearby. And let's not forget the shining star of the Liberec region, namely Ještěd mountain itself, which is only 6 km away.

Café Imperial

In addition to the Zlatý Kohout restaurant, the hotel is also home to a café and lobby bar. Come for the quality coffee and tea, homemade cakes and desserts, and wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks - stay for the design environment.

Designer dwelling

In addition to the studios of well-known names such as Chybik + Kristof Architects, Ateliér Kunc or Petr Stolín, members of the Czech Deco Team, led by artistic director Bořek Šípek, also participated on the room designs.

Zlatý Kohout aka Golden Rooster

The restaurant relies exclusively on first-rate and fresh ingredients - their intention is to buy in the morning and sell that same day. Zlatý Kohout is located in the stylish premises of the Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial**** in the center of Liberec and features modern and unique design. Look forward to traditional specialties of Czech and international cuisine.

The rest you deserve

Treat yourself to a massage that will unwind and bring peace to both your body and mind. Feel special in the hands of professional masseurs and at ease in the comfort of your room. What's better than the luxury of privacy and full-body indulgence?

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1. máje 757/29
46007 Liberec
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