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Experience a few nights in a lookout tower with beautiful views of South Moravian vineyards. The cosy cabin hidden among trees is a place full of peace where all you have to do is concentrate on yourself. Even though you are in nature, far from the everyday hustle and bustle, the owners made sure you won't miss anything during your stay.
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Besides the basic equipment, you'll also find good coffee and a bottle of excellent wine in the cabin. There's a warm blanket to snuggle into when sitting by the window, watching the full moon or deer prancing around the vineyard.
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Wine Cellar
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4x 9 m2 4x

* the adventure starts upon arrival: leave the car in the designated place and walk to the cabin (we respect the local nature, the forest is not a car park)

From 2,400 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

A basket with goodies

If you like slow mornings, we recommend enjoying brunch, for which you'll get a picnic basket full of goodies from the owners. All ingredients are local and made with love. You can also have them in the afternoon or with wine in the evening.

Wine tasting

Since you are in the middle of South Moravia, we recommend exploring the surroundings and visiting one of the nearby vineyards for tasting and something good to eat.

Digital detox

We recommend switching off your phone, leaving the laptop at home and enjoying the local peace and beautiful countryside. There's no electricity in the cabin but don't worry, there are beautiful lanterns to give you light at night.

Pack light

You'll leave the car about 400 metres from the cabin so pack a backpack if you can.

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Němčičky u Hustopečí
69107 Němčičky u Hustopečí
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