Malešov Camp

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Most of us have slept at one point or another in a tent. Whether your parents took you as a kid and you hate it to this day or you are an outdoor buff and it is the only way for you to travel, we found a great camp for you. No worries, you will not be sleeping on the floor or wash only in the pond. Malešov camp will provide all the comfort you need. 


  • Brewery
  • Parking
  • Pets allowed
  • Restaurant
  • Wifi
Display all equipment

How does it work here

The owner, Mr. Ondřej Slačálek believes that Czechs will fall in love with the new trend of “glamping”. We hope in that as well. Near Kutná Hora, in a garden on the edge of a pond and right under a medieval ruin is this glamorous camp with eight tents. With each tent you will get a key from a chest to keep your things. If you would like to host a teambuilding here, there is a room that meanwhile is used as a play and hang out area. 

Where will you sleep

Each tent comfortably sleeps four people on a king size bed and two single beds. Each tent is designed so you have all the comforts like private bathroom with a shower, sink and a toilet and to top it, warm water. 

What can you do there

Part of the camp is a restaurant Krčma na konci světa (Pub at the end of the world) run by David Kohout and chef Jaroslav Krupka. The chefs prepare daily specialties from 15th and 16th century with modern flare. Guests can enjoy meat specialties, hearty soups and great beer from microbrewery Přátelský pivovar. It all comes together as a unique experience in a romantic place with great food cooked with ingredients from local suppliers. 

After dining, you should take a rest in herbal spa that is right in the camp, which by the way offers lots of fun things to do, such as escape game inspired by a computer game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You can also take excursion in a local brewery, visit the Malešov museum or medieval fortress.  

What else you should know

  • You can host any type of party here. Do you wish to have a medieval wedding? Anything is possible.  
  • If you feel like venturing out, visiting Kutná Hora is a great option.
  • Doggies are welcome.
  • Wi-Fi is plentiful.
  • You can park near the garden. 

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