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If atypical structures and clever architecture float your boat, you will definitely fall in love with Gvendolína. While this modern cottage is situated in a village, it offers divine views of the region. The beautiful and cozy interior will be the perfect home away from home. But you'll probably spend all your time outside anyway - the exterior is just too good.
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The private terrace and pool are ideal for hanging out all day or enjoying some wine in the evening. And the cherry on top? The long wooden bench that spans the length of the main huge window. Share an unhurried breakfast here in the morning, overlooking the meadows and forest, and in the afternoon, make this the most beautiful office space.
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8x 110 m2 8x

From 5,900 Kč

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Our tips

Ideal for families with kids

There's a chest full of toys inside and a sandpit in the garden ready for your little ones to enjoy to the max.

To Tábor!

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful towns our little country has to offer. Tábor is full of little historic streets, bistros and cafes - and lucky for you, it's all just a new minutes from the cottage.

Extend your vacation

The fully equipped kitchen makes it easy to stay at Gvendolína even for a whole week... or more?

Summer serenity

Relax, sunbathe by the pool and enjoy the sweet idleness.

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391 55 Lejčkov
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