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From 2,880 Kč
per night
Itha's Secret Escape is located in Langschlag in Lower Austria. It's a small paradise tucked into the heart of the Waldviertel highlands. Come and discover a place where trees are lusciously green, forest thickly mossy, ponds crystal clear and fields red with poppy flowers. Beauty and magic everywhere you look.
Collect experiences, not things.
The cottage offers 60 m² of traditionally and lovingly designed space. Guests can enjoy a continental breakfast as well as a spa center with a sauna. The outdoor pool is ideal for a morning swim to wake up your body and mind before a day of adventures in the beautiful surroundings. Close to the Austrian town Gmünd and the Czech town Nové Hrady, and just 87 km from the Blue Danube Linz airport, this is a great location.
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Pet friendly
Grill / Fire Pit
Private Sauna
Excellent Food
Outdoor pool

Our tips

All day in the garden

The expansive, varied garden offers countless activities for you and your whole family. Kids and adults alike will appreciate the heated pool. In the evening, fire up the grill and pick salad and herbs right from the garden to go with your meat. In the tranquility of morning, relax by the pond with your favorite book or simply watch the dragonflies that flutter over the water's surface all day long.

Gamekeeping and hunting school

Do you want to learn more about hunting, forest wildlife or the gamekeeping tradition and customs? This is the place. All your questions will be answered and you'll see how it's all done!

Workshops and conferences

For work trips, workshops or conferences, a dedicated room is perfectly equipped for these purposes.

Horseback riding

There's also a well-maintained riding arena where you can see what the world looks like from horseback. Experience a different perspective and try something new.

Cross-country skiing

Winter here is paradise for anyone who loves cross-country skiing. Strap on your skis right outside the cottage and make your own trail, or drive just 4 km to jump onto a groomed path, part of the larger network of winter trails. When you come back, the ski room will provide a handy place to safely leave all your equipment.

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Langschlag 17
3921 Langschlag
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