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From 5,000 Kč
per night
Imagine a cottage. Filled with the intoxicating smell of wood. Cozy, yet visually alluring for anyone who loves modern design. Windows that stretch across two floors, from rooftop to ground level, on two facing walls - flooding the space with sunlight, offering enchanting views. Bliss and luxury for the whole family. Or just for the two of you. 
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This two-story modern cottage in Hlinsko, just on the border between Vysočina and the Žďárské vrchy mountain range, is the perfect getaway even for the most hard to please guests. The large, open-concept living area boasts a fireplace, ideal for gathering around in the evening to enjoy a good bottle of wine. Cook up a feast in the fully equipped kitchen, where the Nespresso coffeemaker will provide you with that perfect pick-me-up in the morning.
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Pet friendly
Grill / Fire Pit
Private hot tub
Blooming Garden
Baby friendly

Our tips

Bathrobe all day long

Sink into the warm bubbles of the outdoor hot tub and don’t worry, you can all fit. Or move the rest and pampering into the wellness center, not 200 meters away, which is included in the price of your stay.

Winter? Ski time!

Just a few steps from the cottage are the ski slopes at Skiareál Hlinsko - downhill and cross country skiers, delight!

Warmth of home

The entire cottage is threaded with in-floor heating. After a long day in the cold, or on a surprisingly chilly summer night, this is a feature you are bound to appreciate.

Relax on the terrace or in the garden

On pleasant days, the terrace and garden will beckon to you and the merrily dancing flames on the campfire will roast whatever your heart - or stomach - desires. Then all you need is a divine wine from the in-house wine bar, stocked with 24 bottles for your choosing. Those could last at least a little while, no?

Trip to hell

Feeling cold? Lucky for you, you can warm up in hell, or Peklo. Peklo Čertovina is an absolutely unique complex with hundreds of meters of tunnels and caves, an underground labyrinth and restaurant and so many other thrilling features.

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Na Stráni 1
539 01 Hlinsko
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