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The new cottage with a beautiful red facade will catch your eye as soon as you arrive. Nestled among other cottages near Sázava, it has pleasant surprises hiding in every detail. The experience of the owners, both from home and abroad, is reflected in the high demands on quality and services provided with great affection and taste.
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The top floor has two spacious bedrooms with studio windows, thanks to which the space looks airy and soft. The stylish solitaire furniture and the luxurious Hästens beds and unnoticeable built-in closets create a well thought-out concept. Floor heating is in every room and the cast floor looks simple and clean.
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Hejlovka is an adventure cottage, built by a forest near Sázava, and it could easily be rated as five-star hotel with all it offers. For those of you who like sports, you can play tennis and badminton on on the clay court right next to the cottage. And if you are looking for some outdoor sports, we recommend exploring the local woods on a bike.

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Our tips

ZOO Pyzuú

Besides another cottage, Chata Davidka, the owners also opened a small private zoo in April. It's for families with children and they have, among other animals, a camel, a llama and an ostrich. The bistro is great and serves grilled trout, homemade burgers and you can also choose from several different types of champagne or the popular Cremant. All of that with a view of the river.

Strolls through the countryside

An ideal starting point for exploring the forests, whether on bike or on foot. A beautiful trip to the Sázava Monastery, about an hour away, or along the water.

Wifi / Smart TV / Netflix

You'll always have quality internet connection or access to your favourite shows on Netflix, for example, no matter what could happen.

Heated pool with hot tub

This is definitely unique. The luxurious SwimSpa with water heated to 30 degrees at the least and with counterflow will beckon you to jump in all the time.

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Pyskočely 127
281 63 Vlkančice
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