Chata Davidka

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Do you love perfect relaxation in the arms of nature, yet close to a city? In the middle of the Sázava woods is this luxuriously furnished and designed cottage. Nobody will disturb you here and it is a great place for rest and relaxation. Long showers, long breakfasts - you are the boss at the Davidka cottage. You don’t have to worry about fixing breakfast, the owners will do it for you. 


How does it work here

The cottage has modern design, high end audio and a TV. The basement is hiding a beautiful glass cedar sauna with healing effect. The room also has a small relaxation zone including a massage table. All you have to do is book a massage in advance and a professional masseuse will come to you anytime you want. The outdoor bathing barrel is really fun and relaxing and fits up to six people. It is amazing especially in winter and you can stoke a fire under it. They did not forget about the little ones and built a playground with a small rock climbing wall and for the adults a hammock. 

Where will you sleep

The second floor has a king size bed and two single beds. The attic is so far unused but we thought it would be just perfect for meditating or hiding with your favourite book. The accommodation is great for families with two kids and the owners recommend kids being a little older. 


What can you do there

There are lots of options for trips in this region: Sázava river, Sv. Prokop monastery in Sázava, Čertova brázda or Roman church in Rovné. You can borrow a bike electric scooter at the cottage or and go to Jevanské bučiny, Ondřejovská hvězdárna (planetarium) with a park or the Český Šternberk castle. Or you can just roam around the woods and pick mushrooms. There is a grill at your disposal and if you do not feel like getting into the preparations, you can book a chef who will do all the work for you with delicious results. 

What else you should know

  • You can rent the cottage minimally for two nights
  • Please leave your pets at home
  • Parking is right by the cottage
  • Wi-Fi works like a charm

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