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It's possible to find an island even in the mountains. A mountain island, tucked away in the most beautiful valley of the Low Tatras. It was created by River Demänovka and we'd like to invite you for a visit. Come to a cabin where you can become a part of the Low Tatras wilderness and let the unique local ambience carry you away.
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The romantic wooden cabin built with respect to nature provides perfect comfort and privacy. It combines classic material and colours with modern design. The interior ambience is complemented with a tiled stove, natural clay walls and beautiful views of the surroundings through the large glass wall in the living room.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Blooming Garden
Ski slope nearby
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6x 132 m2 6x

From 4,448 Kč

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Preview photo for a room. The image is connected to the amazing place. Preview photo for a room. The image is connected to the amazing place.

Our tips

Peace, quiet and relaxation

The feeling when you sit down in a comfortable sofa on a sunlit terrace with a glass of wine, accompanied by a good book and the surrounding nature, is priceless. Trust us, it's possible to do nothing and just lounge around carefree.

On the way to the caves

A morning walk makes for a good day. Clean your head, recharge and indulge in the beautiful local countryside while walking to the nearby caves (the Demanovská Ice Cave is only 10 minutes away).

Bikes and mountains go together

Near the cabin, you'll find a cycling trail that will make you want to explore Liptov. Even the view from the bike has its charm and you definitely won't get bored on your bike touring.

Valleys, hills, peaks

You can get on any of the hiking trails right at the cabin that will take you deep into the mountains, valleys, mountain ridges or to the rocks.

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Demänovská Dolina 267
031 01 Demänovská Dolina
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