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A brand new modern cottage has cropped up in the Novohradské Mountains, great for large team-building events or as a joint vacation for several families with children. Invite everyone you love for the weekend and enjoy your time together. Stay in comfortable, beautiful rooms, hang out in the quiet garden and splash around in the swimming pool.
Collect experiences, not things.
The first things you'll feel when you enter the cottage will be the aroma of fragrant wood, the alpha and omega of the whole space, and the cosiness of this luxury environment. Mornings are especially beautiful here. Brew some coffee and take it outside, into the tranquility of the garden. Don't worry about elbow room as you prepare your breakfast - there are another two smaller kitchens upstairs.
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From 9,000 Kč

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Our tips

No boredom here

Hold a darts, table football or badminton tournament and let your competitive spirit take over.

Bring the kids

With a playground, large garden and table football, they'll have plenty of fun.

Winter and summer swimming

After an active day outdoors, soak yourself in the hot bathing barrel and gaze up at the starry night sky. In the winter, you'll the contrast of the hot water and the cold air, especially since you can speak in steam. In the summer, enjoy the cooling garden pool instead.

Magnificent mountains

Visit the nearby Kraví hora or the Žofín forest. Take a bike ride through the entire Novohradské (Gratzen) Mountains, but be warned - they are quite hilly.

Let off some steam

Hole up in the Finnish sauna and then stretch out on the wooden sun loungers and simple be.

Skiing supreme

All sorts of skiing is at your fingertips here. The Lipno Ski Area is just a short walk away; the cross-country trails to Hojná Voda begin right behind the cottage; and, to boot, the Austrian slopes aren't far at all.

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Svébohy 98
37401 Horní Stropnice
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