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When exploring new amazing places, we sometimes find those that embody the essence of our project. This beautiful cottage perfectly meets all our criteria. It lies on a plain in the endless hills near Víchovská Lhota, almost abandoned, on a property without a fence; it is spacious, light and incredibly pleasant. The owners have many years of experience with renting and they know exactly what you need to feel great here. Welcome to DeadFox!
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This place has an incredible charm and you will appreciate the space as soon as you arrive. Everything is well-arranged, generous and tasteful. There are five bedrooms for up to 14 people. Solid furniture and stylish amenities go without saying. The radiant heat coming from the beautiful stove will remind you of a childhood spent at Grandma's and the family gatherings or a community of friends in the large common room make for a great memory.
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Welcome to a unique place in the Giant Mountains. You'll find yourselves in a remote mountain spot with countryside views. The cottage offers everything you'd expect on a holiday in the mountains. You'll enjoy nature with the tradition of a tiled stove, sauna, and other luxurious amenities, as well as a generous space both inside and outside. It is a place made for relaxation.

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Remote, yet close to all the events. It's close to ski resorts and you can hop onto the cross-country ski trail or a single track right at the cottage.


Five large bedrooms and a spacious, dreamy common room. You'll have everything you need.


Modern, yet traditional. DeadFox is spectacular and cosy. It is an embodiment of a cottage life we all want.


There is no shortage of adventurous trips or sport performances in any season.

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Víchovská Lhota 38
514 01 Víchová nad Jizerou
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