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The BOMMA apartment in the Cubist Diamant house is a unique space full of vibrant colours, lights and art. BOMMA is a Czech company that makes the lights you can find in each room.
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It's a unique private space that the company rents from the owners, the descendants of Adolf Hoffmesiter, who lived here with his family. The place now also offers accommodation and so you can enjoy a visually attractive stay in a unique space that you'll find in the very heart of Prague's New Town.
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The Atelier has two bathrooms and a functionalist minibar.

From 12,000 Kč

1 nights


Preview photo for a room. The image is connected to the amazing place. Preview photo for a room. The image is connected to the amazing place.

Our tips

History in the drawer

The whole building breathes history; it was designed in 1913 by pioneer architect Emil Králíček as one of the first purely Cubist houses in Prague. explore the cabinet drawers in the living room and in the library to learn about famous people, such as Le Corbusier, JP Sartre, or Jaroslav Ježek, who visited this place.

Champagne at the door

Get pampered and enjoy a bottle of G.H. Mumm champagne (served in Rückl glasses), prepared as a welcome gift by the apartment manager. To a pleasant start of your amazing stay!

Uniqueness first

BOMMA Atelier is usually open for a tour, but thanks to the cooperation with Amazing Places, you can now spend a night here. Know that you won't find a similar concept in the Czech Republic!

A gift for the demanding

If you want to take someone's breath away, especially if they love the aesthetics and details, then this is the right place. The whole apartment is visually a sight for sore eyes – a true Gesamtkunstwerk.

A commented tour

If interested, the apartment manager will tell you all about the history of the apartment and explains the whole concept of the project, in which the BOMMA glass company combined the original genius loci of the 1930s with leading world brands of contemporary interior design.

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Spálená 4
110 00 Praha 1
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