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Fresh air, summer breeze and the aroma of brioches. Bubbles, and a sun-lit evening. A picnic by the silver screen. Parties with friends. A garden under the snow. All of that is Baske Villa. A haven for everyone who wants to leave the city hustle and bustle behind. Come relax and discover manifold coves and nooks of life.
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The Trenčianské Teplice legend has been revived and you shouldn't miss that. You can look forward to a unique place that will definitely get under your skin. Do what you love during the day: go for a walk, have a picnic or do some exercise. Enjoy an open-air concert in the evening, watch your favourite movie or just enjoy the view of the starry sky.
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Our tips

A paradise for artists

The Baske community is full of Slovak and Czech artists who visit the Villa frequently. Musicians prepare their playlists for the year, artists and sculptors bring the local space to life and there is always an easel with some canvas and paints on the terrace, and maybe it's just waiting for you.

A bit of history

Count Oliver Seldern's villas were built in 1910 when Trenčianské Teplice was a popular spa town. The complex of buildings called Venézia I, II and III was designed as a summer house for the Count and his family and friends. A legend says that you wouldn't know the atmosphere of those times if you hadn't spent at least one night there.

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A little something to eat

Fresh, progressive and local cuisine with emphasis on seasonality - that's the local restaurant managed by Martin Záhumenský. Here, any known flavours are transformed into a shape that will bring up memories of days gone by.


Unwind and enjoy the bubbles in the jacuzzi or the sauna - prepared just for you.

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17. Novembra 305/23
914 51 Trenčianske Teplice
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