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Just arriving in this little village is charming; you'll be looking around, amazed at the picturesque scenery. Don't miss the timbered cottage though; it's tucked away amidst greenery, open the gate and be impressed.
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You'll see a more than two-hundred-year-old cottage that has been tastefully reconstructed. You won't know whether to first jump in the pool, the hot tub, get in the sauna, lie down on the stove or cook something good.
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Outdoor pool
11x 189 m2 11x

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Preview photo for a room. The image is connected to the amazing place. Preview photo for a room. The image is connected to the amazing place.

Our tips

Hotel-style, yet private wellness

The thermal pool with sea water is heated to 30 degrees, the hot tub includes ozone therapy. In addition, there's a panoramic outdoor sauna made of Siberian cedar wood, a rest area, a cooling tub and an outdoor shower, all in the garden.

Luxuriously equipped kitchen

The cooks will definitely appreciate the numerous kitchen appliances such as mixer and food processor, or the top-quality coffee maker or the mushroom dryer in the tiled stove.

Diverse surroundings

Whether you come in summer or winter, there's always a lot to do. Rent electric bicycles, hike the rocks at Devět skal, or go skiing at the nearby ski area.

Electric bicycles included

And that's not typical. There are four bicycles waiting for you. Use them and go explore the surroundings.

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Moravské Křižánky 89
59202 Křižánky
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