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An ideal place for relaxation and views of River Vltava enjoyed with a cup of coffee in your hands. Vltavská pohádka is cosy and you won't feel like leaving at all. Close to the chateau, in the centre of the town and yet peaceful and quiet, disturbed only by the burbling of a nearby weir. It's a fairytale, waiting for you.
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The unique, historically protected set of originally burgher houses from the first half of the sixteenth century includes 13 stylish rooms, designed as South Bohemian cottages, with water elements.
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Our tips

Water sports ambience

Vltavská pohádka will host you with its friendly water atmosphere. In the morning, enjoy a cup of coffee and the views of River Vltava, burbling just below your windows.

The town within reach

Take a trip to the local chateau, grab fresh waffles on the way, or just peek inside the shop windows in the Krumlov alleys. It's only a few steps away from the hotel.

A little something to eat

The fragrant breakfast is served in the cosy restaurant on the ground floor, decorated with fishing nets, paddles, with the aroma of freshly baked strudel and other goodies. You can also have an excellent dinner or a beer there.

Children are welcome

Children will love this place. A dreamy atmosphere, a bassinette available on request, rooms with duvets as at your grandmother's, raspberry lemonade or a scoop of ice-cream after dinner. The small joys of childhood.

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Rybářská 23
381 01 Český Krumlov
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