Artur Štramberk

At the foothills of the Beskydy mountains is a picturesque town Štramberk, which is nicknamed for its beauty Moravský Betlém (Moravian Bethlehem). You can choose one of three chalets where you can still feel the good old days; narrow stone streets were turned into markets, neighbours greeted each other and each chalet smelled of wood and home-made cuisine. 

Price from4000 CZK Building /night


  • Bath
  • Brewery
  • Caffé
  • Luxury bed
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Wifi
  • Wine cellar
  • Winery
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How does it work here

Artur Štramberk offers you to choose between three chalets. In the Zlatá ulička under the Štramberk gate is the semi wooden cottage Antik, near the Štramberk botanical garden is the Becirk cottage and high above town under the castle walls is the historic wooden chalet Orlí hnízdo. Each cottage is different and amazing. The dominant element of the Antik chalet is the living room with noticeable blue tiled stove, which is especially great in winter. Becirk and Orlí hnízdo chalets have aside from the traditional tiled stove a garden with seating. Each cottage has of course a fully equipped kitchen. 

Where will you sleep

The cottages sleep four to six people. The Antik chalet has two bedrooms with two large king size beds and two extra cots, Becirk sleeps five people in three bedrooms and Orlí hnízdo comfortably sleeps two couples in separate rooms and potentially two additional people on extra cots. Each cottage has plenty of privacy and space. Orlí hnízdo has opposed to other cottages not only a shower corner but also a massage bath. All bathrooms in all cottages are very spacious. 

What can you do there

The owners prepped for you four packages to please everyone. If you are really into biking but don’t have the stamina to bike far, rent an electric bike. There are endless beautiful paths to explore. Are you more into a romantic weekend for two? In Orlí hnízdo you can pamper yourself all weekend long in a Jacuzzi, massage and enjoy a four-course menu including a luxury bottle of wine from hotel Štramberk. If you are bringing your little ones along, no worries, they will custom make and recommend program that will be fun for all of you. You can check it out on their website.

What else you should know

  • There is no breakfast included but if you ask, the owners will be happy to have one brought up to your room
  • All toiletries are in the chalet
  • Wi-Fi is available everywhere
  • You can park right by the chalet

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