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1930s Functionalist aesthetics. Light in perfect harmony with the space. A spacious garden, three storeys and two terraces. A bedroom with a view of the sunset on the terrace. Countless positive attributes, unique genius loci and the last building that famous architect Adolf Loos designed: that's Villa Winternitz. Spend a night in a cultural monument. At least once in your life.
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If you love aesthetics, seek architectural masterpieces and beauty all around energises and inspires you, do not miss this opportunity to stay at Villa Winternitz. You can be the owner of the villa for one night thanks to the enlightened approach of the owners.
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Would you like to become an owner of Adolf Loos's villa for one night? We offer a unique opportunity to experience such a feeling. Have dinner in the main hall on your own, enjoy a romantic night in the period-furnished bedroom and have breakfast at one of the tree terraces. When the tours of the villa end at 6 p.m., the staff will give you the keys to the building and you'll be the only owner of

From 9,500 Kč

1 nights


Preview photo for a room. The image is connected to the amazing place. Preview photo for a room. The image is connected to the amazing place.

Our tips

Loos's genius loci

They say that an aesthetically balanced environment has a positive effect on the body and mind. You can see the character of the famous architect Adolf Loos, who designed the villa together with Karel Lhota, at every turn.

Ideal surprise

It's common for similarly significant villas that you can only get inside for a few moments during a guided tour. The opportunity to spend a night here is unique and moreover, it can be an original gift to a close friend or a loved one.

Dinner with a waiter

Get pampered and have dinner served in the historical hall. The friendly owners will give you more information.

The whole villa just for you

The villa is all yours from the moment you'll get the key. Enjoy absolute privacy and take time for yourselves.

A wedding from the 1930s

If you're looking for an unusual wedding venue, look no further. A wedding in the villa will have a unique touch of the past century and the owners will be happy to help you prepare your day according to your wishes.

Enlightened owners

The owners are keepers and they take care of the house with great respect to architecture, family and history of the villa. And this legacy is easily passed onto the guests. Moreover, the villa has a rich cultural and educational programme, thanks to the open mind of the owners.

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Na Cihlářce 10
15000 Praha 5
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