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From 1440.00 Kč
per night
The very heart of Šumava. A cottage that still smells of newness. A perfect place for rest and reconnecting with nature. The Heřmans created this magical retreat and we can safely say that they did an absurdly good job.
Collect experiences, not things.
When you first step inside, let yourself be caressed by the scent of ever-present wood. Start your day with the phenomenal breakfast buffet, then plan your trips around the area. This is a feel-good place with plenty of privacy, which the Heřmans take great care to provide for their guests.
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Winner of the 2019 Small Guesthouses
Parking Included
Homemade Breakfast
Outdoor / Indoor Playground
Cross-Country Ski Trail

Our tips

Wood every which way

Wood inside and wood outside. This forest treasure is the material for pretty much everything in the cottage.

Ground floor gathering

The common room is intended for peaceful debates and happy chatter, but leave the boisterous parties for another time.

Sports heaven

The cottage has a ski room for the safe storage of all your sporting equipment.

Friendly owners

Heřmans will be happy to accommodate you with anything you need, but the cottage is a place where you should feel free and undisturbed, so don't expect all-day service.

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Kvilda 25
384 93 Kvilda
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