Stodola 9

Stodola 9 is a great example of how to combine tradition with modern elements. It really shows when people whose heart is in the project take care of it. The owners used to come here for many years to visit a friend and fell in love with it. They do it all with love and precision. When you arrive, they personally greet you, put you up and bring you freshly baked bread and handpicked flowers. 

Price from6500 CZK Building /night

Capacity 16 osob

How does it work there

Are you wondering who to bring with you to Stodoly 9? Ideally the whole family and bring your friends as well. It is a place created for getting together. Guests can hang out in a spacious room with kitchen, tiled stove, large dining table and a sofa, just made for dining together or just hanging out and playing games. If you want to tuck yourself away, it is no problem. 

Where will you sleep

As we mentioned, there is lots of space for everyone, even 16 people. On the second floor, there are two bedrooms that sleep ten people and the floor above sleeps six people. There is no arguing over who gets the bathroom because each floor has a bathroom with tub and a toilet. 

What can you do there

This place was built in 1919 in Horní Kožlí in Šumava. The views at Boubín, Bobík, Plechý and Smrčina will take your breath away. The highest peaks will expose themselves to you in all their beauty. 

What else you should know

Even though the place is huge, you will have enough privacy

The kitchen is stocked with basic supplies

You can organize a foosball tournament

Parking is right by the building

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