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The cottage Stará Izba is located in the picturesque Orava region just four kilometers from the Polish border. This semi-solitude not far from the Orava Reservoir is an ideal place for families with children as well as for nature lovers, hikers and outdoorsy types.
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The owner Martina fell in love with the place as a child when visiting her grandparents, from whom she later inherited the dilapidated house. She and her husband decided to completely renovate the cottage, which eventually took them five years, but it was definitely worth it. The cottage now looks like a fairy tale and every nook and cranny, every accessory, every moment has its own story.
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Winner of the 2022 Timbered Cottages
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Our tips

Ideal for families

The owners often stay here with their four children, so the cottage is ideal for family vacations. Kids will love the sleeping nook above the oven, where there are plenty of pillows, blankets and stuffed animals. In the summer, the garden trampoline and outdoor seating area with barbecue facilities will be the hub of your days here.

Trips in the area

The surrounding area is ideal for cycling and hiking, as well as for winter sports and horseback riding. And if you don't want to go anywhere, just submerge yourself in the heated outdoor bathing barrel with an incredible view of the valley and simply relax.

Full service

Despite the original character of the cottage and traditional elements, you'll enjoy modern conveniences, such as floor heating, a dishwasher, a satellite and wifi, of course.

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Novoť 32
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