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From 4,190 Kč
per night
Spend a dream vacation in a historic cottage near Lake Mácha. Try sleeping on the traditional oven furnace, enjoy a long breakfast together at a large table, walk through the barefoot grass and recharge in the splendid surrounding nature. Soví Újezd cottage is waiting to offer your its incredible charm, peace and quiet.
Collect experiences, not things.
The spacious cottage conceals surprisingly large rooms and a traditional living area with seating, a functional stove, a kitchen and a porch. It'd almost be a shame to go anywhere else, especially when you can just run freely into the garden for your dose of nature and fresh air. With mature trees to keep you company with their pleasant shade, why not spend the whole day here?
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Winner of the 2021 Timbered Cottages
Pet friendly
Grill / Fire Pit
Blooming Garden
Farm Products
Baby friendly

Our tips

Swimming nearby

The cottage is only a few kilometers from Lake Mácha, an ideal spot for summer swimming or water sports.

Terrace and grill

Your favorite place will undoubtedly be the terrace, where you can enjoy a leisurely morning coffee and grill up a sumptuously smelling dinner in the evening.

Bring your furry friends

Soví Újezd ​​is pet friendly, so bring your non-human friends along for the fun.

Garden to plate

There are three beds of home-grown vegetables and herbs in the garden, as well as plenty of fruit trees and berry bushes.


The cottage rents only as a whole, so you can be sure that you'll have complete and total privacy throughout your stay.

Kitchen with everything

Cook for yourselves tonight and leave your visit to the restaurant for tomorrow. Take your lunch outside for a sunny picnic on the grass in front of the cottage.

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Újezd 19
471 61 Jestřebí
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