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In the beginning, there was only a meadow surrounded by picturesque mountains. Then, a spaceship from the constellation MIURA landed here, bringing a five-member family of cuboids. We're afraid they'll never want to leave! The architecture of the structure is as rough as the surrounding mountains, but cozy where it should be. The dominant material is concrete, complemented by sheet metal, wood and glass. 
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The mastermind behind the whole concept is the architectural studio LABOR13, led by Albert Pražák, Martin Vomastek and Jiří Bardoděj. The building is divided into three parts, one of which levitates above the terrain. The hotel overflows with art like no other. As you wander through, you’ll find art even in the most unexpected places.
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Winner of the 2018 Upper Class
IQOS friendly
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Excellent Food
Luxurious Wellness
Outdoor pool
Conference Room

Our tips

Meld with nature

Miura is beautifully nestled into the surrounding nature, bordered by mountains. The concept is thoroughly thought-out and sophisticated. As for the views from the restaurant? You’ll remember them for your whole life.

Pack your clubs

The hotel resides on one of the best Czech golf courses. It would be a shame to miss out.

Sports activities

Play golf or tennis, hop on a bike or scooter. If there’s snow, strap on your skis. Anyone looking to move in myriad ways in the great outdoors will be thrilled here.

Far-famed gastronomy

Miura is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants we’ve ever tried. The cuisine is modern, but sources from local Beskid ingredients. Trust us that you won’t stop dreaming of the local homemade frgále (sweet pastry) ice cream for a long time to come.

Impeccable spa

Another must. The spa is truly exceptional. While the design takes the limelight, it does so at no expense to comfort, functionality and experience - all these elements work beautifully in sync.

Art gallery

The entire hotel is larded with art, making it a one-of-a-kind destination. Find art everywhere - really, everywhere.

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Čeladná 887
73912 Čeladná
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