Konopindova chata

Cozy and small unobtrusive mountain chalet, which is located high above Pec pod Sněžkou. A place where you and 13 other lucky guests can embark on the most beautiful hikes and ski trips in the Giant Mountains. Beautiful vistas of the surrounding mountains, including the highest peak. You will not find luxury here, but everything is set up for you to maximize your mountain experience, and that is the most important thing.

Price from4200 CZK Building /night


How does it work there

The semi secluded chalet was reconstructed less than a year ago. On the ground floor, the owners created a very comfortable space connecting fully equipped kitchen and living space where everyone can hang out. If you want to grab a cup of coffee, there are two coffee machines you can use. During summer months, you can drive all the way to the chalet, during winter months, you will have to leave your vehicle in Pec pod Sněžkou and hike up or take a taxi. 

Where will you sleep

The ground floor has one bedroom with four separate beds. We would never think of putting a pool table in a bedroom but have to admit, it works. The second floor has two bedrooms for ten people. In the mornings, you will wake up to the beautiful view of Sněžka, the surrounding meadows and the Černá hora mountain. 

What can you do there

What can you do at Konopindova chalet? Pretty much anything, except for staying in bed. You can go hiking, cross country or downhill skiing at the nearby Černá hora, Hnědý vrch or Javor. Bike trips are due to the terrain a little challenging but at the same time, the trails are one of the most beautiful in our country. You can also make a Tour de chalets. The neighborhood has lots of iconic chalets, such as Pražská, Kolínská, Bouda Helena – oh, the food is so amazing or Žižkova chalet right across the street. 

What else you should know

The whole chalet has Wi-Fi

The garden has a large fire pit with seating and electric grill for guests to use 

Sorry, no smoking indoors

Try making your own bread, we will loan you an oven and breakfast is taken care of

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