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From 5,000 Kč
per night
Did you spend your childhood summer vacations at your grandma’s? Do you remember how good it was, how easy? Come to this cottage and let it take you back to a carefree time, almost as good as at grandma’s.
Collect experiences, not things.
An attentive renovation enables guests to enjoy maximal comfort but still be able to admire the original windows, grand wooden gate and old wooden doors.
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Wine Cellar
Grill / Fire Pit
Blooming Garden
Baby friendly

Our tips

Just like at grandma's

The cottage, its interior and the amiable approach of the owner will warm your heart. It took three years for the family to put the cottage into shape, all on their own and with the greatest attention to detail. And it shows!

A little bit of booze?

This is wine country and you won’t want to miss out on its succulent nectars. When sunset colors the sky, open a bottle of local wine and relish full swigs of the perfect taste and let the nostalgic atmosphere embrace you.

Secluded garden

Savor the calm and comfort of the garden, where you’ll feel entirely hidden away from the outside world. Shut the gate and just enjoy this precious time with your loved ones.

Playing pilot

Do you want to experience something truly compelling? Ask the friendly owners about the opportunity to try the flight simulator, hiding out in the wine cellar.

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Němčičky 118
691 07 Němčičky
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