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Everyone needs to switch off and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle, people, city and obligations sometimes. Come lose yourselves in a place that will only belong to you and your forest friends. Uhlík is a hide that provides a cosy refuge for your relaxation and adventures you might experience during your stay.
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Even though this place is in the middle of nowhere, it's a comfy place where you can cook, have a shower and sleep under fluffy duvets and in a complete peace and quiet that the local forest offers.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Private Sauna
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Cycling Trail
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The scenic Uhlík hide is settled on a slope of a South Bohemian forest and it offers a space where you can gradually establish harmony with nature. It's only up to you if that is beneficial for the forest or for you. Cleanse and restore contact with your inner self. There is plenty of space for relaxation, stepping out of the work stress, train of thoughts, and for watching peaceful countryside.

From 3,500 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

A little something to eat

There will be enough drinking water. We'll prepare a basket with some basic light food to start you off with. Please, bring your food for the rest of the stay.

Evenings in sauna

Uhlík also offers a small sauna, which you'll especially enjoy on a rainy day. Cool down on the outdoor terrace after sauna and listen to the rustling of the forest.

Where to find Uhlík

Uhlík is in a forest near the South Bohemian village of Záblatí near Prachatice. To ensure privacy, you'll receive the precise location after you place your booking. You can leave your car about 200 metres away from the hide. Or walk about two kilometres from the nearby bus stop.


The omnipresent and undisturbed nature teaches us to be calm. Slow down your breathing, let the thoughts flow away, stretch your body and enjoy some relaxation. Off-line.

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Záblatí u Prachatic
Záblatí u Prachatic
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