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Hotel Jested is an unique hotel in an exceptional building, opened in 1970s. At that time the architect designer Karel Hubacek decided to place a television transmitter, restaurant and hotel in one tower. Thanks to its special shape, which reminds a spaceship, and thanks to original technologies and components, Jested became original place to stay, even after 45 years.

Jested was awarded the Auguste Perret Prize (1969) by the International Union of Architects for its unique architecture. Jested became a National Cultural Monument and the Building of the Century.


Jested restaurant has four parts, which form a circle and are connected with one another. The staircase from the reception hall leads into the main part of the restaurant with 130 seats, the cafe has seating for 50, the salon for 14 and the Avion bar for 16 guests. The restaurant might be very busy during the days with a nice weather and weekends and visitors can choose from a day menu with a short time of waiting for the meal. On the other hand during evenings when the hustle become quite the restaurant guests can choose from evening menu designed also for discerning guests and enjoy the special atmosphere of this place.


Original hotel consisted only 12 rooms and 1 Apartment. Most of the rooms are in a modern design now (Comfort and Director). Two rooms (called Retro) are in original design of 1970s made by Otakar Binar. The only one Jested Apartment with a view towards Liberec and with the only bath tube played a role in few Czech movies. There are 8 more Economy rooms that were created from places for stuff, now they are refurbished and used as hotel rooms with a shared bathroom. 



Jested is not only a hotel, it is a unique building where the authors used lots of new technologies and technical patents at their time. Many components for the building and also most of the equipment were originals created in a deep centrally planned economy during the 1970s in Czechoslovakia. Now we are making efforts to return Jested to its former state. All the original works of art in Jested remained preserved:

  • glass and cement monumental relief called Falling Meteorites made by world famous art couple Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova,
  • railings welded from discarded pieces of steel made by painter Jaroslav Klapste,
  • beaten brass sheeting on the reception wall  and entrance door made by Milos Koska,
  • ceramic tiles on the walls of the staircase to the hotel rooms made by a trio of ceramic artists,
  • wavy glass wall made by glass artist Karel Wünsch,
  • tapestry on the wall in the salon made by Vladimir Krecan.

Price from1900 CZK Room /night


  • Caffé
  • Dog
  • Luxury bed
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Wifi
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