Chalupa ve Zvonkovém údolí

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„We respect tradition, nature and people. Each part of the cottage was renovated only by us. We use traditional materials, we take care of everything on our own and put all of our hearts into it. We pay respects to the previous generations that lived here and to nature that will be able to take it all once we are no longer here. We definitely do not take to the cottage things that we no longer need at home but are still good enough for the cottage “– the owners.


How does it work there

This place is a great example of how to create a cozy place for relaxation without lots of tourists and too many guests. The owners often go to the cottage on holiday or just to welcome the guests and give them a few tips on places to see. There are few vacancies so don’t hesitate and make a reservation. 

The whole cottage has antique furniture, which the owners restored with time. Perfect example of that is a living room with fire place stove, sofas and a kitchen where you can sit in the evening with your family and share fun stories. 

Where will you sleep

You can relax and dream in one of the three rooms. The first one, the blue one is a timber accented room with three beds for adults and one for a child. It is made for children and is only 175 cm long. The rose room is just perfect for couples and has only two beds and a rose wallpaper that completes the romantic vibe. The last room, the striped room has a huge bed that your whole family can sleep in. 

What can you do there

Pristine nature, woods full of mushrooms, long cycling paths, cross country skiing and hiking. In the nearby Neratov is a well-known place of pilgrimage – a church with a glass roof. All around the cottage is war fortification and some bunkers are opened to public year-round. 

If you do not want to leave the cottage, you don’t have to. You can play badminton, children can play all day long in a sandbox, use a trampoline or playground and the evenings you can spend by a fire or in a bath barrel, which can be heated even in winter. 

What else you should know:

  • There are no televisions but Wi-Fi yes
  • The cottage is in the Giant mountains, a great place for hiking trips
  • You can park right by the cottage

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